Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast

ABIS | Australian Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection Services - Est.1994

Australian Building Inspection Services (ABIS) conducts Building and Pest Inspection services across Brisbane and Gold Coast; including Ipswich, Logan & Beenleigh, Caboolture, Redland Bay, Moreton Bay and Redcliffe Peninsula Regions.

We conduct Pre Purchase Building Inspections, Handover Inspections, Prectical Completion InspectionsBuilding Stage Inspections, Warranty Inspection, New Home Inspections and more. 

If you're buying a home in Brisbane or Gold Coast, organise a Building Inspector as soon as possible after signing your purchase contract. On the other hand, we recommend a pre purchase inspection prior to placing your home on the market if you're selling your house or unit. In the case of building your own home, you will require stage inspections based on your contract.

All of our Building and Pest Inspections come with Free Thermal Imaging and are carried out by professional and qualified Building Inspectors. Within 24 hours, we will provide a detailed building report loaded with photographs, supporting evidence and recommendations to supplement your decision making in regards to your potential or existing property. 

*ABIS Building and Pest Inspections include reporting on termites, borers and fungal decay - in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.3

The to-do list before putting your home on the market may be longer than the Nile River. It can be made even longer when you must conduct a pre-purchase building and inspection to see where your home needs tender love and care. Although it may be an extra expense, getting this inspection will arm you with knowledge so you are not caught off guard when viewers ask questions about the condition of the home.

The inspection will also help you know what to fix so you can boost the listing price of your home if you choose so. The check will include fences, yard, building interior and exterior, subfloor, roof exterior and roof voids. Because building and pest inspection organisations are guided by the Workplace Health and Safety laws, they will not always get into your roof and inspect it if it is not safe to do so. If this is the case, they will inspect the roof from a ladder if possible, but they will not neglect to put it in the report. One does not have to worry if the inspection will be graded because that is not what it is about. Because an inspection is just to check the condition of your home, inspectors will report on the physical conditions of the home and what may need to be replaced or repaired. To ensure that the inspectors conduct a thorough inspection of your home, remove any distractions and obstacles.

These impediments include keeping your children away from the inspectors, remove posters and pictures from the wall, move your furniture away from the wall and open the garage door, secure the family pets. A homeowner can conduct their own inspection of their house, but it is not always advised because sellers cannot always remain impartial. Getting the best building and pest inspection in Brisbane will ensure that there is no bias in the report, giving you confidence on the decision you make regarding your home. The building and pest inspection is not a guarantee, warranty or insurance policy because some problems may only be discovered after living in the house.