Building Inspections

What are Building Inspections? 

Building Inspections

Building inspections are an important part of the process of purchasing, building or selling a house to give you or the buyer of your property information about the property so that the transaction can proceed with confidence.  

It can also be used for warranty on your new build to identify within 12 months and rectify any mistakes a builder may have made during the build. Building Inspections identify any hidden surprises contained within the property and can include:

  • Structural Cracking and Movement
  • Deformation
  • Dampness
  • Timber Pest Damage
  • Defective Plumbing
  • Defective Roof Plumbing & Flashings
  • Defective/Bridged Damp Proof Course
  • Untradesman like Work
  • Trees and Shrubs Corrosion
  • Inadequate Subfloor Ventilation
  • Defects in Secondary and Finishing Elements
  • Internal Secondary & Finishing Element Defects
  • External Secondary & Finishing Element Defects
  • Incomplete Construction
  • Safety Issues
  • Any items that the Inspector thinks may be a hazard to safety during the completion of building inspections

Please note the above is just a guideline - there might be other issues discovered during the completion of

building inspection that may be included in your building and pest inspection report.

When are Building Inspections Necessary?

There are many different circumstances when you may need a building inspection including:

What do Building Inspections Include?

Most building inspections in Queensland include a physical inspection and report, ABIS's building inspections include the following:

  • A physical Building Inspection by a QBCC licensed inspector
  • A full Building and Pest Inspection (NOT including a pool inspection)
  • FREE Thermal Imaging to uncover any hidden damage
  • A comprehensive and thorough report

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