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Top 10 Tips when Moving House

Moving house can be one of the most stressing times in anyone’s life, and with a family it can mean even more stress. ABIS understands the importance of moving house so we have compiled our Top 10 Tips to minimise the stress when moving: Start packing well in advance...

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Looking for a building and pest inspection conducted to the highest standard by Building Inspectors with 10 years experience together as a team combined with the highest professional qualifications in their field?

1 in every 20 Queensland home owners has trusted their building and timber pest inspection to ABIS over the past 30 years, making ABIS the first choice in building and pest inspections.

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Flooding and Buying a home in Brisbane

Brisbane is historically known for experiencing heavy rainfall, causing flooding in many suburban areas which affect plenty of properties.This is caused by two key reasons:The Brisbane City is built on a low-lying floodplain; referring to the close proximity...

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House Maintenance Checklist

 After Your Building Inspection... a Maintenance Checklist for the Home You’ve Just Purchased Once you’ve received your building inspection report and proceeded with purchasing your property, it is  important that you not only implement all your report’s...

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The Tiny House Movement

Imagine if you could live mortgage free. According to Heather Shearer of The Conversation (November 5, 2015), Australian families are doing just that by building tiny homes on wheels that measure just 10 square metres or 7m long by 2½m wide... for less than $40,000....

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Building and Pest Inspection Companies Compared

 Of all the states in Australia, only in Queensland are pre-purchase building inspectors licensed. In all other states, anyone can undertake building inspections regardless of their knowledge and experience. The only control outside Qld is provided by insurers...

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Building Inspections and COVID-19

COVID-19 is having a major impact on world economies. However In Australia the process of buying and selling a home can still take place without major interruption providing common sense precautions are applied. For example, most of the interaction with others during...

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Building and Pest Inspectors

Building and Pest Inspectors who to choose and why WHO - Not all building inspectors are the same. This is how they differ:-LicencesBuilding InspectionIn Queensland, to legally conduct building inspections a building and pest inspector must either hold a Completed...

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ABIS The 1st Choice in Building & Pest Inspections