Building and Pest Inspections

Building and Pest

A Building and Pest inspections are recommended when buying a home. They are called Building and Pest because it is actually two inspections. A building inspection conducted by a Builder and a Timber Pest Inspection conducted by a pest controller with a qualification in timber pests. 

The Building inspection looks at the home from a builders perspective and seeks to identify any significant defects in the home. these inspections are encompassed by the Australian Standard AS4349.1.

The Timber Pest Inspection seeks to identify an activity or conditions that will lead to activity of one or more of the following timber pests. Termites, Fungal Decay (Wood Rot), Timber Borers, and Chemical Delignification. The Timber Pest Inspection is covered by Australian Standard AS4349.3

Here at Australain Building Inspection Services our inspectors are dually qualified hold both licences. This enable ABIS to conduct both inspections at the same time which in turn allows us to offer thye highest quality of service at a very competative price.