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Building Inspection Testing for Radon

Do I Need To Test For Radon In Australia Like The USA? Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is present in the environment all over the world. Where these naturally occurring concentrations are higher than average and the gas is concentrated in homes...

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Buying Your First Home

First Home Buyers For over 20 years it has been difficult for first home buyers to put their foot on the first rung of the property ladder. The good news is that with the recent easing in property prices in Southeast Queensland and record low interest rates, it is a...

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Practical Completion (Handover) Inspection (PCI) ABIS Practical Completion Inspection and Stage Inspection Program When you have a new home built there is an inspection conducted at the end of the process prior to the builder handing over the keys. This inspection is...

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Ambrosia Beetle

Pinhole borers attack moist wood, usually as logs in the forest and mill yard, but once the log has been converted to sawn timber their activity ceases, and only the holes in the wood remain to affect its appearance. They do not reinfest, and treatment is not...

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Borers are pests of wood and damage may sometimes be mistaken for termite damage.Growing trees are protected by the bark covering and have a defense system of:-KinoResinVarious Latex Substances.These defence systems may prevent insects entering and in many cases stop...

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Timber Pest Information

Timber Pests The timber pest covered by a building and pest inspectionTimber in service as structural components of a building can be damaged by timber pests (Timber pests are Fungal Decay and that group of insects that damage timber in services such as Wood Boreing...

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Building and Pest Inspection Misunderstandings

Building and Pest Inspections - Common Misunderstandings When buying a home or unit it is prudent to have an inspection undertaken on the home you are planning to buy. This will identify significant issues with the home that you may not be aware of. Armed with...

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Condensation and Termites

Condensation, Termites and other Timber pests When air is cooled, its ability to retain water vapour is reduced and it condenses (merges into large drops of water) on colder surfaces. In most cases this condensed water evaporates again, but sometimes a wall,...

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Floor Tile Issues

Floor Tile Problems Problems with floor tiling are identified during a Building Inspection by sounding the tiles with a tapper and by visual inspection.Drumminess and loose and broken tilesIf the tiles are loose or have an airspace beneath them, they sound drummy or...

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Floor Tiles

Floor Tiling of Wet and Dry Rooms The floors of a dwellings are often finished with tiles of various materials to provide a more practical and aesthetically pleasing finish. Also, in wet areas, tiling often provides the first part of a water proofing system to...

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