Which Stage of Construction Should We Use a Building Inspector?

This is a commonly asked question. We recommend getting an inspection at each Stage of your home's construction. These are broken up into 6 Stages in total consisting of 4 Building Stage Inspections culminating in Handover at Practical Completion and followed up 12 months later by a Warranty Inspection. You can choose the entire package or select a few... the choice is yours!

  1. Foundation Stage
  2. Frame Stage
  3. Lock-up Stage
  4. Pre-painting Stage
  5. Handover Stage
  6. Warranty Inspection - 6 months after Practical Completion

We understand this will depend on your budget. However, we would urge you to consider including the price for each stage within your budget prior to starting the build of your home. By factoring stage inspections into your build process, you can rest assured knowing that you have done everything you can do to ensure your property is being built to a high standard.