What to Look For in Building Stage Inspections

There are 6 Building Stage Inspections in total including the Handover or Practical Completion Inspection being the culmination of the build process and a Warranty Inspection at the end of the first year. We urge you to consider undertaking these inspections to ensure that your property is constructed to a high standard.

Our Inspector conducts a detailed examination at each Stage to detect any un-tradesman like work, incomplete work, non-structural defects in relation to the Standards and Tolerances Guide Qld, structural issues and conditions conducive to structural and timber pest problems.

Each Stage Building Inspection has its own extensive Stage specific checklist. This process will assist you in relaying to your Builder items that still require further work or rectification. You tailor the programme to suit yourself... select all 4 Stage Building Inspections or simply choose the ones you're most worried about!

  • Base Stage immediately before slab pour
  • Frame Stage when the frame is complete, before internal wall linings
  • Lock-Up or Waterproofing Stage when external windows and doors are installed, the roof is on and flashing and waterproofing are complete, before tiling of showers, bathrooms or installation of shower trays
  • Fixing or Pre-Painting Stage when construction is complete including cabinetry, before painting

Finishing with:

  • Handover or Practical Completion once your builder is satisfied that the construction process is complete and after a final clean has been undertaken.

And finally followed up with:

  • Warranty Inspection conducted within 12 months from date of completion as a follow-up to detect non-structural defects, which your builder is obliged to rectify under QBCC's home insurance warranty.