Nice Work If You Can Get It

Can you really be so busy that you can't walk a 25 million dollar cheque into the bank? Believe it or not an American real estate agent deposited the cheque via a drive-through teller window. Apparently this was standard procedure for this real estate agent who often conducted large transactions in this way. Turns out the cheque bounced big-time, but not before the agent had wired 23 million dollars of funds into other accounts.


The Thermal Imaging Myth

Over the past 15 years and thousands of inspections, ABIS have researched numerous technologies. In recent years, we have adopted thermal imaging which has proven to be a very useful tool in improving the quality of our inspections.

However, due to recent outrageous claims from unscrupulous inspectors, we feel compelled to do some "myth busting".

Hair Lair

According to the UK News, a lady in Suffolk has used human hair to construct an extension to her historic home. Locks and tresses discarded from local hairdressers were added to a special lime plaster and used to extend the walls of her 16th century house. She has also stirred in a few of her own hairs and that of her pet dogs for good measure. Gives a whole new meaning to recycling.


History Repeats

According to the Associated Press, a Pennsylvania history buff who recreates firearms from historic battles fired a cannonball outside his home only to have it ricochet and accidentally hit his neighbour's house 400 yards away. The cannonball, about two inches in diameter, smashed through a window and wall before landing in a wardrobe. Although remorseful, he has been charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.


Better in Blue

According to a recent survey, people who live in blue houses get paid more and are generally more successful than their counterparts living in houses painted in any other colour.

A poll of 3,000 British homeowners also found those with blue exterior walls were also more likely to be in a long term relationship, have children and really close friends as well as taking at least two holidays abroad to exotic locations every year.

Excuse us while we dash off to do a spot of decorating!

How the Other Half Live...

If you've ever complained that your apartment is a shoebox, Eunice Yoon of CNN suggests we consider the plight of Hong Kong resident Chung Lau who lives in a 58 square meter flat with 18 strangers.

His "cage home" is sectioned into tiny cubicles made of wooden planks and wire mesh packed with all his worldly possessions... hard to believe, considering Hong Kong's exorbitant luxury property market with a record-breaking sale of a $57 million duplex.

Building Inspections

Unlike airplanes and ships, houses are not constructed to facilitate inspection with inspection panels etc. The condition of safety critical components is often hidden inside walls or other areas of the house. If you have an older home it is strongly advised that Building Inspections be conducted regularly to check safety critical items. Although such items may be hidden an experienced inspector may be able to pick up potential problems before they fail completely. 

Get Your Business On Google+

Promoting Your Business on Google+ can be Easy

A common concern among the businesses (Lenders, Solicitors and Real Estate Agents) that ABIS communicates with on a daily basis, is how to promote their respective businesses on the internet.

Increasingly, potential clients are using Google to search for services and are less likely to use more traditional methods such as Yellow Pages.

Building-In Under Highset Homes

In Queensland, it has been a widespread practice for homeowners to build rooms in the subfloor area of high-set homes.

Whilst this may be done correctly by a licensed builder in many cases this work has been undertaken by the homeowner, without legislated building approval and with the work not carried out to any recognised standard. If you are contemplating buying a highset home that has been built in under you should make sure that the following have been addressed.