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Building Inspection Inala

Inala (4077)

Located 18 km southwest of Brisbane and the gateway to large industrial estates, Inala (4077) was initially  created when, in response to a housing shortage following World War II, a group of ex-servicemen formed a cooperative in 1946 to purchase flood safe land which was then apportioned to its shareholders.

Following World War II there was a shortage of 250,000 houses across Australia. In Queensland alone over 4,000 families were living in makeshift dwellings of tin, calico and canvas. State and Commonwealth Governments responded by making housing a priority. In 1950 the State Housing Commission then purchased this land from the failing cooperative, changing its name to Inala in 1953. Housing in Inala was then built in a solid, no no sense Art Deco style with minimal decoration for minimal maintenance and longevity. A post-war shortage of building materials attempting to meet pressing demand meant that new materials and building techniques were explored in Inala. Reinforced concrete was used which proved excellent because of its reliability, strength, and flexibility. Cement and concrete were readily accessible from Brisbane River sand, lime from Moreton Bay coral, the two ingredients shipped to and crushed at nearby Inala. Characteristically, houses were built on raised concrete foundations, framed with hardwood, and floored with hardy brush box. Window frames were silky oak. External walls were poured concrete and internal ceilings and walls were rendered wire lath.

Inala has several shopping centres with supermarkets, major retailers, restaurants, medical and community facilities. There are also several post offices, community halls, an art gallery and various churches, a monastery, and a Buddhist Temple. Inala also hosts a rich selection of community programmes including a Youth Service, Out of Home Care, Family Care, Childcare Access, Equity Resource Support Unit, and government services such as Corrective Services and Centrelink. Inala is also well serviced by numerous sporting clubs and recreational facilities including, picnic areas, walkways, cycle ways, sporting fields, and natural native bushland parks throughout the suburb.

To cater for its residents, Inala also has some six schools and a TAFE College. Inala is in a strategic location with ready access to several major motorways including the Ipswich, Centenary, and Logan Motorways linking to suburbs west, south and north, and the Warrego and Cunningham Highways connecting Inala to Toowoomba and Warwick. It also has ready frequent access to both bus and rail to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

Inala is an energetic multicultural suburb which celebrates its diversity with annual festivals and is characterised by its numerous religions and “churches” including Christian Reformed, Uniting, Seventh Day Adventist, Uniting, Anglican Catholic, Assemblies of God,Latter Day Saints, Mthodist, and Sikh and Buddhist Temples. In 2011, 13800 people lived in Inala, their average age being 33 years. About half of residents were born overseas in for example, Vietnam, and the Philippines and Vietnamese, Spanish, Samoan, Tongan, and Arabic were spoken alongside English at home. 

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