How Significant is the Termite Problem?

Termite Problem Significance

Our Analysis of Termite Inspections on 3000 Homes Found

22% had active termites on site. Of these, only 4% of properties however, had active termites actually within the dwelling. The remaining 18% were found in fencing, retaining walls or elsewhere in the yard. In addition, only 1.5% of properties inspected had extensive active termite infestation and significant termite damage to the dwelling.

Signs of past termite damage were evident in 45% of all properties inspected. Only 15% however, showed damage to the dwelling itself. Only 36% of properties inspected indicated some form of past termite treatment, yet 86% of properties exhibiting previous damage had been previously treated, suggesting that most treatments for termites are performed as a reactive cure rather than as a preventative measure.

Conditions Conducive to Termite Attack

  • 100% of all affected properties had bridged termite barriers.
  • 88% of all homes inspected had bridged barriers due to landscaping, paving, building extensions and modifications, pergolas, building in under highset homes, penetrations of the slab, and cladding
  • 94% had garden beds covering weep holes allowing easy and concealed access of termites
  • 77% had excessive moisture present. Key causes of which included:
    • Hot water heater or air conditioning outlets not connected to drains or directed away from the dwelling
    • Defective or missing rain water goods including flashing, guttering and down pipes
    • Poor site drainage
    • Poor waterproofing of showers and sinks including cracked tiles and missing sealant