How Do I Prepare For a Building Inspection?

Understandably, if you're the vendor you are keen to present your home in its best possible light so it sells for its best price quickly. Because nasty surprises are what scare buyers, transparency is the best policy. It's better to have a thorough understanding of all your property's faults right up front so you can either rectify them or recognise them in your contract negotiations rather than having your buyer unearth them later.

The best way to get a good handle on all your property's defects is to commission a Pre-Sale Pest and Building Inspection. On the other side of the coin, as a buyer you want to get the most out of your Pest and Building Inspection. A thorough inspection requires that there are no distractions, obstacles or accessibility issues for the inspector. For vendors this means undertaking the following and for buyers, requesting that their vendor take action:

  • Clearing the house interior and exterior grounds of excessive personal effects and stored goods
  • Tethering the family dog
  • Ensuring that no doors are locked and that all rooms are easily accessible
  • Opening remote controlled garage doors so that the garage is accessible
  • Removing vehicles from beneath manholes to enable access to the roof void
  • Moving furniture from beneath internal manholes to enable access to the roof void
  • Moving furniture from against internal walls
  • Removing posters, hangings and pictures (where possible) from walls
  • Keeping children out of the way

Because conducting an inspection demands attention to detail, it is best that both vendors and buyers allow our Inspector to work without interference so that he doesn't miss anything of importance. This means not distracting  him with questions, banter or shadowing him closely from room to room. Rest assured, he will be more than happy to address your questions and concerns at the end of your inspection.

That's why we really like you to attend your inspection.. so our Inspector can run through the important issues he's detected with you at the end. However, we understand most people are busy and if you're not able to attend, our Inspector will try to call you at the end of his day.

It is essential that you completely read your report and by having our Inspector answer all your questions and concerns you will be better able to understand it in its context. No question is too silly to answer.