Complaints Procedure

Help us improve - ABIS listens to your input seriously and your comments are brought to the attention of our management who will review them in light of your Building Inspection Report.

The building inspector responsible for conducting your inspection is also consulted so that you do not worry unnecessarily. Management makes every attempt to personally contact you to respond promptly to your concerns and we will follow up with a site visit where appropriate. We understand that often it's the personal face-to-face contact which is important in dispelling any misunderstandings or resolving issues.

To let us know of any issues you may have whether positive or negative, please complete this form and send it to us.

We also encourage you to seek the advice of the QBCC for a second opinion.

Should you have any concerns with the building inspection or report, then you should immediately contact ABIS on 07 3804 1000

If your concerns cannot be resolved, then written Notice clearly outlining your claim should be delivered to our office.

ABIS will then contact you to visit the inspected property.