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Stafford (4053)

About 6 km to the Northside of Brisbane's CBD, Stafford (4053) is mainly a residential suburb characterised by post-war housing commission homes built on larger 800 square meter blocks. Although residents were predominantly older, it proximity to Brisbane has encouraged younger families to move in and renovate, extend and modernise existing homes. Although first named Happy Valley, it was subsequently renamed after the English county and regiment of Staffordshire Sir Thomas Brisbane was associated with.

Electric trams operated in the suburb from 1940 until 1968. Gibson's Tannery was a major employer open until 1982 at which point it was replaced by the suburb's major shopping centre incorporating large retailers.

As of 2011, about 6000 people were resident, their average age being 34 years. About 83% of the population were born in Australia or New Zealand with a notable minority from the Philippines. English was the key language spoken at home, although Italian was also spoken by about 1.5%.