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Spring Hill (4000)

Located in Brisbane city, just 2 km from the CBD, Spring Hill (4000) was named in the 1800s for the spring which was the origin of Brisbane colony's fresh water and is one of Brisbane's oldest suburbs. Even to this day, a large number of historically listed properties continue to exist such as the Old Windmill in Wickham Park which was built in 1824 to mill grain for the young penal colony, then used as a gallows.

The Spring Hill Baths are the oldest public baths in Queensland. A government research facility was built in the area in the 1890s and was open until 1910. Trams operated in the suburb from 1903 to 1947, replaced by diesel bus services into Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. However, many of the historical buildings have been demolished recently to be replaced by office buildings and high rise apartment blocks. Spring Hill is also serviced by many of the most prestigious private schools in Brisbane.

In 2011, 5300 people lived in Spring Hill, their average age is 30 years. Residents are notably younger than those of other suburbs, due to the high number of tertiary students who rent in the area, to attend nearby university campuses and the influx of young professionals. Spring Hill is a very multicultural community with residents being from Korea, Colombia, and India as well as being Anglo-Australian so that Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, and Korean were spoken alongside English at home.