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Ormiston (4160)

In the Redland Bay region, 25 km from Brisbane, Ormiston (4160) is home to a Christian Reformed Church. Early industry included a brickworks established in 1852 and fellmongery operational until the early 1860s. Cattle were grazed in the area from 1855 until1858. The land was bought in 1853 by Captain Hope, founder of Queensland's first sugar plantation in operation until 1875. Ormiston House was completed in 1865 as the centre of his estate. It is now a museum.

Ormiston has regular rail access to Brisbane, colleges and schools, and various sporting clubs including swimming, softball and boxing.

As of 2011, 5,500 people lived in Ormiston, their average age being 44 years, significantly older than Brisbane residents. Although most residents were born in Australia, New Zealand or England, a notable number were from South Africa or Scotland.  English was the primary language spoken solely at home.