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Hawthorne (4171)

3 km to the Eastside of Brisbane's CBD, Hawthorne (4171) was named after Hawthorne bushes planted in the 1850s by original settlers. Originally a farming area, Hawthorne succumbed to population pressure as Brisbane grew and ferry and tram transport were extended into the area.

Hawthorne has a number of parks and is well serviced by an integrated public transport system including road, rail and ferry. Lourdes Hill College was opened in 1916. Another well-known landmark, the classic cinema was opened in the 1940s. Hawthorne is a well established, well-heeled suburb featuring very large traditional Queensland homes and tree-lined streets.

As of 2011, 4,800 people called Hawthorne home, their average age is 33 years. Residents were primarily Anglo-Australian having been born in Australia, New Zealand and England with English being the primary language spoken at home.