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Deception Bay (4508)

Located 32 km on the north side of to Brisbane's CBD, between Redcliffe and Bribie Island, Deception Bay (4508) was previously a housing commission area with a predominantly lower socioeconomic population, resulting in a high incidence of unemployment and crime. However, since the early 2000s, population pressure, affordable properties, and increasingly improved access to Brisbane has meant an influx of more affluent working families and a cessation of problems. Four schools in the area provide for the growing population's demands.

Originally named by John Oxley in 1823, it was subdivided into large acreage blocks for farming, although most of these have now been subdivided into higher density residential estates. The beachfront has also been refurbished. A well-known resident for whom a number of streets and landmarks are named was Dr Bancroft who experimented in growing native plants and preserving meat, vegetables and fish for medicinal purposes.

In 2011, 19,500 people were living in Deception Bay, their average age is 34 years. 85% were born in Australia, New Zealand or England, with a notable minority from the Philippines or Samoa. Other than English, Samoan was also spoken at home.