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Clear Mountain (4500)

Located 20 km north of Brisbane, Clear Mountain (4500) is bounded by various creeks that run into the South Pine River, eventually draining into Lake Samsonvale. Alluvial plainlands were cultivated for growing corn, vegetables, bananas, and pineapples. Dairy farms and piggeries also flourished. A primary school was opened in 1889 and continued until 1913 while a secondary school was opened in 1903 until 1947.

With easy access to Brisbane, Clear Mountain is a private, primarily rural suburb adjoining forest reserve, surrounded by mountains and overlooking lush green pastureland. Its residents tend to be more affluent with young professional families seeking a rural lifestyle or retirees seeking a tree change. This is reflected in the standard of the suburb's large and expensive homes or executive mansions which are the envy of many.

In 2006, only 700 people lived in Clear Mountain, derived from a broad range of countries including Australia, England, New Zealand, Scotland, and South Africa. English was spoken primarily at home with the exception of Afrikaans.