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Brighton (4017)

Located about 19 km on the Northside of Brisbane's CBD, Brighton (4017) supported RAAF Training from 1940 to 1946, after which it became home to Eventide Nursing Home until it was closed in 2012. Brighton is primarily a residential suburb which is experiencing a renovation revival as it is so close to Bramble Bay and is well integrated with wetlands, woodlands and parlance for recreation. It's location, close to rail and bus links gives it ready access to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. It also has a well designed esplanade which is heavily used by cyclists and walkers. The beach is well used by kite surfers. Brighton is a family friendly suburb with numerous parks and several schools.

Captain Mathew Flinders was the first to discover this area in his search to find a suitable location for a penal colony. A key landmark, the Brighton Pub was once a private residence owned by Captain Townsend who sold it in 1893 to be used as an orphanage and later reverted to a pub again in 1912.

As of 2011, about 9,000 people were resident in Brighton, their average age being 40 years. About 88% were born in Australia, England or New Zealand with English being spoken almost exclusively at home.