Building Inspection Bald Hills

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Bald Hills (4036)

As the outermost suburb of Brisbane, 17 km to its north, Bald Hills (4036) is mainly residential surrounded by bushland which has recently been cleared and subdivided for moderate density residential building estates. Adjoining it is a flood plain between two rivers the South and North Pine which converge to form the Pine River, flowing into Bramble Bay. The flood plain has been used for cattle grazing. Land in the area was first sold in 1886. Because of its elevation above the flood plain Bald Hills is also the site for a radio transmission tower erected in 1942. There are several sporting clubs, two schools, a guide dog training centre and a railway station providing regular rail access to Brisbane, Ipswich, surrounding suburbs and the Sunshine Coast.

In 2011, about 6000 people lived in Bald Hills, their average age being 35 years and almost all were Anglo-Australian speaking only English at home.