Rather be safe than sorry, invest in that inspection report

Nobody wants to move into their dream home only for the experience to turn into a nightmare because there are far more repairs to be done than expected. To many people, the house might look perfect with no problems, but it is always good to err on the side of caution. This potential nightmare can be avoided if you insist on a building inspection report before you begin proceedings to purchase it.

You can ask the current homeowner or estate agent to request a professional report or you can contact a building inspection company that is reputable like the Australian Building Inspections Services (ABIS) to get a second opinion. Although a property can never be failed through a building examination, the inspector will uncover any structural issues if there are any as well as find traces of pest infestations.

Structural issues that may be found include major cracks from the walls inside the home, cracks in the paving and brickwork as well as bulging walls. These can be caused by a number of reasons which include tree roots, movements in the soil can also impact a home’s structure and the age of a building. Termites are another reason that causes structural issues for buildings as they feed on timber that offers structural support, weakening them as a result.

Because it is easy for termites to go unnoticed for years, it might be too late to remedy a home by the time they are discovered, deeming it unsafe to live in it. Once the examination is done, the inspector will then write a report with all these issues and let you determine the best course of action to move forward.

This will help you get a clearer idea on what needs to be repaired and replaced, and if it will be too expensive to do so, decide whether the listing price of the home is worth it and gives you the ability to negotiate a price if the seller is willing.

A home is more than just an investment, it is a safe space for you and your family to be happy and enjoy life. So don’t take the risk of purchasing a home that might not be safe for your loved ones, rather be safe than sorry.