Handover Inspections

Handover Inspection

Not all Handover Inspections Reports are the same

The purpose of a Handover is to inspect a newly built home immediately before it is handed over to the new owner at the end of the construction process and is often triggered by the builder requesting the final stage payment. The Handover is also referred to as Practical Completion in most contracts. When a Handover Inspection is booked arrangements are made with the builder to visit the site to conduct the inspection. The timing of the inspection is critical and should be undertaken only when the builder has completely finished all aspects of construction and a fin al clean has been done.

The inspector examines the home looking for and documenting any defects or incomplete work. Importantly, and unlike certification which only ensure that the minimum standards have been met by the builder, a Handover Inspection examines the home against accepted industry standards of quality and workmanship.

Many people are not aware that unlike Pre-Purchase inspections anyone can conduct a Handover Inspection in Queensland. There is no legal requirement to be a qualified builder, to be licenced and to be insured. Because of this, it is important to check the credentials of the inspection company you get to conduct a Handover for you.

A good Handover Inspection Report should document any defects with photographs and recommendations, confirm that the build is completed and provide a list of Items for the builder to address.

In a nut shell, you get a detailed pre-purchase like inspection with a report for you plus a list of items for the builder to fix.

If you chose ABIS to conduct your inspection you can be assured that your inspector is:

  1. an experienced builder who can talk to your builder in their own language,
  2. is licenced builder and building inspector with the QBCC and
  3. carries professional insurance.