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Finding a Building and Pest Inspector in Brisbane

Building and pest inspections are a big business in Brisbane. The city and surrounds are home to a number of Brisbane building and pest inspectors, and yet many people in the market for these services struggle to find a company they can trust. The question of what to look for in a building and pest inspector in Brisbane, what services – like pre-purchase building inspections – should be on offer, and what companies are recommended, are all very important, and luckily can be answered right here and right now.

What To Look For In Brisbane Building And Pest Inspectors

When it comes to Brisbane building and pest inspectors, seekers feel frankly overwhelmed with choice. There are a large number of businesses offering Brisbane building inspections, so many that it’s hard to know which ones offer a high quality and trustworthy service, and which ones do not. It’s not worth cutting corners when it comes to Brisbane building and pest inspections, and doing so can cost you enormously in the long run. As a frame of reference, any building inspectors Brisbane property people are considering should tick the following boxes.

Undertake Both Building and Pest Inspections

The building inspectors Brisbane property people choose should really do more than Brisbane building inspections. Both building and pest inspections are of paramount importance for protecting your assets in property, particularly in a place like Brisbane where certain pests can have an enormous impact not only to the structural safety of your home but also its resale value. Choose the kind of building inspectors Brisbane knows will be looking for not just building issues, but pest-related problems as well and your bases are covered.

Deal InPre Purchase Building Inspections

Pre purchase building inspections are probably the biggest reason that people look into Brisbane building and pest inspections. If the company you’re looking at doesn’t offer pre purchase building inspections, they’re probably not worth considering. For those that do offer pre purchase building inspections, Brisbane property people should be making sure they are available to fit in a booking on your purchasing timeline, to ensure you have all the information you need relating to the Brisbane building inspections before you bid a price on any property you’re considering.

Provide Easy To Understand Building and Pest Reports

The kind of building inspections Brisbane property folk really appreciate are those that come with reports that you don’t need to be an expert to understand. There’s no point undertaking Brisbane building inspections if you need another expert to decipher your building and pest inspection report. Find a company that offers the building inspections Brisbane loves, complete with easy-to-understand reports detailing everything that was uncovered during the Brisbane building and pest inspection. Brisbane building inspections need not be more complicated than that.

Offer Great Value For Money

Shortcuts are not what you need when looking for the building inspections Brisbane trusts, but that doesn’t mean Brisbanepeople need to spend a fortune either. When it comes to building inspections Brisbane property people should be looking for companies that offer transparency in their prices and great value for money. Trustworthy Brisbane building inspections shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and the building inspectors Brisbane folk choose need to be able to be upfront in quotes, and not hide behind hidden fees and clauses.

ABIS Is The Only Brisbane Building and Pest Inspector You Need

When it comes to building inspections Brisbane property people find they are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of building inspectors Brisbane wide. They know that building and pest inspections are a must in Brisbane, but with so many companies it can be hard to know where to start. For a Brisbane building and pest inspector you can trust, the company to consider is ABIS. ABIS, or Australian Building Inspection Services, are a key provider of Brisbane building inspections that property buyers and sellers can trust. They offer everything from pre purchase building inspections, to the construction stage building inspections Brisbane builders and buyers need for peace of mind.

For those wanting the building inspectors Brisbane trusts to protect their property assets and ensure there are not building and pest problems waiting to raise their ugly heads, ABIS is the company for the job. Not only do they have decades of experience as the building inspectors Brisbane property people love, they also know Brisbane. The challenges of living in a tropical city when it comes to building and pest concerns are their bread and butter, so they know what to keep an eye out for, and where the potential risks lie in all Brisbane building inspections. If you’re buying a house, getting pre purchase building inspections from ABIS means you can enter into negotiations with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision. For those handing over property, or renting spaces, these are the building inspections Brisbane really needs to avoid building and pest problem shock down the line.

ABIS pride themselves on offering the highest quality building inspections Brisbane wide, with a transparent pricing structure and building and pest reports that are easy for anybody to read. Theirs are the building inspectors Brisbane knows will be available in a cinch, such as for pre purchase building inspections or any other short-notice Brisbane building inspections. It can be difficult to find a Brisbane building and pest inspection company that you can trust, but it’s not impossible when you have a Brisbane company like ABIS on your side. For Brisbane property people, ABIS is a name that you must remember for all current and future Brisbane building inspections. Trustworthy, offering decades of experience that you need for peace of mind, and with the kind of value that any Brisbane property buyer or seller can appreciate, ABIS is the company to handle all your Brisbane building and pest inspection needs. Get in touch with them today to find out more about how you can get one of the building inspections Brisbane property people trust now and secure a true peace of mind.

ABIS building and pest inspections are conducted to the highest standard by building inspectors with a minimum of 10 years experience together with the highest professional qualifications in their field. ABIS has been in business over 27 years conducting both building and timber pest inspections.

Our highly recommended home inspectors are all long term trusted employees not here today gone tomorrow sub-contractors. ABIS Inspectors are supported by a unique computer aided inspection system and the latest inspection equipment such as high sensitivity thermal cameras costing thousands of dollars that others don’t often have.

When you book a pre-purchase inspection with ABIS, our friendly local (they know the area and are not in a interstate or overseas call centre) staff will make the whole process easy for you. Our Office team make all the arrangements with you, your agent, the vendor, the tenant (if there is one) and you will be sent an email to confirm the inspection time along with a pre-engagement letter which covers the scope of the inspection. Good communication and local knowledge are key to you getting the most out of your building and pest inspection. We are always happy to answer all your questions and you are most welcome to be on site when we do the inspection. Our technology, systems and processes also mean you get your high quality report shortly after your inspection is completed.

And all this for an incredible low price.

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