Building & Pest Inspection - Common Defects 1 - Downpipes

No 1 - Downpipes Discharging Near Footings

Downpipes Discharging Near Footings is the first in a series of common defects that ABIS finds during Building and pest Inspections.

Down pipe discharging near footing

If rain water is allowed to accumulate in the soil surrounding the base of exterior walls and the slab or footings on which they are founded, two future problems are likely to develop.

1. From a Building Inspection point of view: If the foundation soils remain wet and are not allowed to fully dry out and number of geotechnical issues can develop over time which can lead to movement of the foundations and structural damage in the form of cracking and movement.

2. From a Timber Pest Inspection point of view: If the area surrounding the base of external walls remains we after rain a condition conducive to termite activity and fungal decay is created.

Downpipes from eves gutters and other rainwater goods and drainage should be directed from the base of exterior walls and subfloor areas. Downpipes should be connected to a storm water drain or directed away from the base of walls. The ground and/or paving should slope away from the building.