Ant Capping

Ant caps are a form of physical barrier to termites and are inserted between the lower floor framing timber and the supporting stumps, piers or masonry bases. They are usually made from galvanised sheet metal and are designed to force termites out into the open for detection during physical inspection. Any sign of future termite activity is evidenced by mud tunnels or galleries which the foraging termites bridge over the shields. Termite shields may also be formed from stainless steel mesh.

Pysical termite barriers often refered to as "Ant Caps" do not prevent termites from entering a dwelling and doing damage to timber in service. Thir purpose is to make any termite activity visible to either trhe occupier of the building or a pest controller doing an inspection. Inspections of zones where the Physical Barriers are present should be ionsp[ected at least annually.



Ant Cap Picture