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Untradesmanlike Work

Untradesmanlike work can be summarised as the use of inappropriate materials and/or work carried out in an untradesmanlike or shoddy manner.

Use of inappropriate materials

Inappropriate materials are those materials that are used for a purpose for which they were not intended and are likely to have a short life, are likely to fail, or are not approved for a use where approved materials are required for safety or health reasons.

For example, the use of interior gypsum plasterboard in an exterior location exposed to the elements or the use of an interior door as an external door.

Untradesmanlike or shoddy work

This is poorly executed construction work resulting in inadequate fixing, excessive patching, filling and re-work,  work resulting in out of level or out of plum surfaces, work resulting in excessive movement,  poor finishing and construction not completed to any recognised standard.



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Established 30 years, ABIS Building and pest inspectors cover the whole of Southeast Queensland. Our close knit team focused on helping you buy or sell your home.

ABIS inspectors are all long term highly qualified and experienced employees.

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