Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs

The roots of trees and shrubs can affect footings by removing moisture from clay soils immediately underneath the building causing subsidence as the clay shrinks.

In its search for water, a tree root system can spread a lateral distance equal to the height of the tree. If in rows or grouped with other trees, the roots may spread up to twice the height of the tree.

Care should be taken when selecting trees and, as a guide, the trees listed should not be planted within the distance of their mature height from the house depending on the site classification and whether they are to be planted in a line or in a group.

Height of Tree(h) Distance from house (d)
d = 1 h for class H and M sites.
d = 1.5 h for class E sites.
d = 2 h for rows or groups of trees.

For further information on landscaping to protect the foundations of your home:

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10 to 20m 20 to 30m 30m to 60m
Acacias But-But Blue Gum
Ash Cedars Cypress
Athel Tree English Oak English Elm
Candlebark Lemon Gum Figs
Manna Gum Palms Karri
Pepper Tree Planes Pines
Willows Sheoaks Poplars
Yate Silky Oak River Gum
Yellow Gum Spotted Gum Sugar Gum