Technology We Use

Technology We Use 

All ABIS Inspectors come armed with the latest technology to make finding termites and building defects easier…

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Within their nest, workings and leads, termites create a climate which is discernibly hotter than its surroundings. Infrared Thermal Imaging passively reads the surface temperature differential of the surface it is pointed at so that termite problems may be detected without disturbing walls and even before termites create significant damage. When used by properly trained inspectors, large areas can be scanned quickly to identify and target hot spots accurately. Apart from sourcing termite activity, Thermal Imaging may also be used to identify moisture and ventilation problems.

Moisture Meters

When applied to a surface, these may detect high moisture levels behind plaster sheeting and timber walls, indicating the presence of conditions that attract termites even when there are no outward signs of damage. A moisture meter will also detect fungal decay due to leaking pipes or rising damp. All high moisture readings should be investigated to determine the cause.