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Building Inspection Churchill

Churchill (4305) Located 42 km from Brisbane and about 5 km from Ipswich with the Bremer River to its west and Deebing Creek to its east, Churchill (4305) is a suburb of Ipswich with about 1800 residents as of 2011. There are two schools in the suburb.

Building Inspection Coalfalls

Coalfalls (4305) Located 45 km from Brisbane and 2 km from Ipswich of which it is a suburb, Coalfalls (4305) derived its name from coal found in the area along the banks of the Bremer River.

Building Inspection Dinmore

Dinmore (4303) Located 32 km from Brisbane and 8 km from Ipswich, Dinmore (4303) is a suburb of Ipswich whose name is derived from a village in Herefordshire, England. Dinmore sits at the intersection of three major highways, namely, the Ipswich Motorway, the...

Building Inspection Wulkuraka

Wulkuraka (4305) Located 45 km west of from Brisbane and only 5 km east of Ipswich of which it is a suburb, Wulkuraka (4305)  is  the Airforce base in Amberley. Although primarily an undeveloped suburb with semi rural residences on acreage and farms, it does...

Building Inspection Woodend

Woodend (4305) Located 41 km to Brisbane's west, adjacent the Bremer River and only 2 km from Ipswich of which it is a suburb, Woodend (4305) was home to 1600 people in 2011. The suburb was named after the home of a premier of Queensland, Arthur Macalister. Woodend...

Building Inspection Leichhardt

Leichhardt (4305) Located 43 km to Brisbane's west and only 3 km to the east of Ipswich of which it is a suburb, Leichhardt (4305) was named in 1953 after the German explorer Friedrich Leichhardt and was home to 3400 people in 2011.

Building Inspection Moores Pocket

Moores Pocket (4305) Located 40 km to Brisbane's west and 4 km to the east of Ipswich of which it is a suburb, Moores Pocket (4305) was named after Thomas Moore, a blacksmith who was an original settler in the suburb. Because it lies within a bend of the Brisbane...

Building Inspection Muirlea

Muirlea (4306) Located 42 km to Brisbane's west and 6 km to the east of Ipswich, Muirlea (4306) lies adjacent the Brisbane River to its north and the Warrego Highway to its south. In 2011, Muirlea was home to 282 people and in 2013, fire ants were detected.

Building Inspection New Chum

New Chum (4303) Located 34 km to Brisbane's west and 9 km east of Ipswich, New Chum (4303) is a suburb of Ipswich.

Building Inspection Newtown

Newtown (4305) Located 40 km to Brisbane's west and only 2 km from Ipswich, Newtown (4305) is residential with a population of 1500 in 2011. It is serviced by a small strip of local shops and a railway station with regular trains to Ipswich and Brisbane. Newtown also...

Established 30 years, ABIS Building and pest inspectors cover the whole of Southeast Queensland. Our close knit team focused on helping you buy or sell your home.

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