Queensland Pine Beetle

Queensland Pine Beetle - Calymmaderus incisus

Almost exclusively found in hoop pine common in original "Queenslanders"

  • Adult oval in shape about 3 mm long
  • Antennae terminate in a 3 segmented club
  • Body covered in fine hairs and numerous minute punctures

Queensland Pine Beetle - Calymmaderus incisus

Calymmaderus incisus

  • Reports of damage have become less frequent over the past few decades, probably because of changes to building practice
  • Susceptible timber, if left untreated, will be re-infested until it is completely honeycombed and has lost most of its strength
  • They are most commonly found attacking pine floors and walls, but rarely found in roofing timbers

Queensland Pine Beetle



Exit hole

Dust (frass)

Timbers affected

Queensland Pine Beetle

Calymmaderus incisus


2-3mm, darker, shinier and wider than furniture beetle

1-2mm round holes, Timber honey- combed by tunnels

shallow holes

Gritty, like fine sand

Sapwood of only Hoop, Bunya and New Zealand White Pine attacked.