Frequently Asked Questions - Pre-Sale Inspection

We hope fees are not your sole consideration. You might save many times the cost of your inspection by preventing your contract's collapse.

Your inspector's qualifications, including his experience, training and professional affiliations, should be your most important consideration.

Fees for all our services are competitive, especially when you consider you are getting the best possible service for a modest price. You can't get better than that and really, would you want anything less?

You should take professional advice from a number of experienced and fully licensed builders. Ensure that your works are properly specified with detailed written quotes by reputable, licensed, and insured professionals who come with references.

If you are doing the works because of a building inspection report you've had - ensure that you get a new report done to show to potential buyers.

Then the decision is yours. Now that you're aware of defects that may adversely affect your property's market value, you can choose to undertake the necessary repairs or renovations prior to listing or you can simply reflect these in your price. You choose... so you sell your home faster for the price you want.

If you have any reason to be uncertain about what a Pre-Purchase Inspection might reveal about the state of repair of your property because of its past history or age then don't hesitate in organising your Pre-Sale Inspection prior to listing... better to be forewarned and forearmed than unpleasantly surprised.

The truth is buyers place a very high value on knowing that a reputable, licensed, and insured professional has inspected your property. Pre-Purchase Inspections conducted after your contract has been signed may result in considerable discounting or even worse, your sale might collapse.

Providing a Pre-Sale Inspection Report right up front at listing gives your buyer a greater sense of confidence and certainty. Your transparency better protects your listing price and gives you a greater chance of more reliable offers which translate to a better selling price. 

It also protects you long after settlement from the buyer making any claims that you misrepresented the property to them or concealed defects.

An ABIS Pre-Sale Inspection documents your property's condition and  identifies problems that may need to be rectified or addressed prior to listing.