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Building Inspection Milton

Milton (4064) Located only 2 km west of Brisbane city primarily between Milton Road beside the western rail and Coronation Drive beside the Brisbane River, Milton (4064) is a mix of industrial, commercial, retail and residential, both single and multiple dwelling. Its...

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Building Inspection Ashgrove

Ashgrove (4060) Located just 4 km to Brisbane's north-west, Ashgrove (4060) is an exclusive hilly and leafy suburb well known for its traditional sprawling homes on large blocks. Despite increasing high density development across Brisbane, Ashgrove continues as a...

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Building Inspection Taringa

Taringa (4068) Located just 5 km west of Brisbane city, Taringa (4068) is a steep suburb because of its position on either side of a ridge. Due to its proximity to both University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology, Taringa is densely populated by...

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Building Inspection Sherwood

Sherwood (4075) Located 8 km to Brisbane's south-west, Sherwood (4075) is largely a medium density residential suburb with a cafe, retail district concentrated around its major thoroughfare road. A school was opened in 1867 as one of Queensland's oldest schools....

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Building Inspection Upper Brookfield

Upper Brookfield (4069) Located 16 km to Brisbane's west, Upper Brookfield's (4069) population was 655 in 2011. Residents were older with an average age of 42 years. Most were Anglo-Australian with a minority from South Africa, the Netherlands and United States and...

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Building Inspection Upper Kedron

Upper Kedron (4055) Situated 12 km to Brisbane's north-west bordering the Brisbane Forest Park, Upper Kedron (4055) is home to the source of the Kedron and Cedar Creeks. In 2014 Cedar Woods Properties bought a very large tract of land which it proposes to develop into...

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Building Inspection Pullenvale

Pullenvale (4069) Located 15 km to Brisbane's west, Pullenvale (4069) is characterised by green rolling hills and bushland. The suburb may have been named for George Pullen an early timber getter, who owned a vineyard from 1862 to 1885. Logging was replaced by small...

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Building Inspection Kenmore

Kenmore (4069) Located 10 km to Brisbane's south-west and on the Brisbane River, Kenmore (4069) is a leafy suburb inhabited mainly by professionals and families living in detached housing. Its proximity to the Brisbane River makes it vulnerable to flooding as occurred...

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Building Inspection Corinda

Corinda (4075) Located 9 km to Brisbane's south-west, Corinda (4075) was settled in the 1860s for farming when the Francis family purchased land in the area and named after an early cattle property. Many of its original traditional Queenslander homes date back to this...

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Building Inspection Indooroopilly

Indooroopilly (4068) Located 7 km to Brisbane's west, Indooroopilly (4068) was originally settled in the 1860s for agriculture and dairying with the first house built in 1861. The advent of rail in 1875 and construction of a bridge across the Brisbane River increased...

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