Floor Tiles

Floor Tiling of Wet and Dry Rooms

The floors of a dwellings are often finished with tiles of various materials to provide a more practical and aesthetically pleasing finish. Also, in wet areas, tiling often provides the first part of a water proofing system to protect the fabric of a building from water damage.

Types of hard Floor Tiles

Floor tiles can be cut from naturally occurring types of rock, can be made from fired clays and can be manufactured from a large variety of materials. The choice of tiling materials is extensive. On this page we will cover the more common products.

Ceramic - This is broad term for tiles made from heating clays of various types to high temperatures in a kiln.

Porcelain - This is a hard ceramic made from kaolin clay fired at a high temperature.

Terracotta - This is a softer backed earth and porous material

State -  Sedimentary rock

Granite – Igneous rock

Marble -  Metamorphic rock

Travertine – Limestone sedimentary rock

Tiles can also be made from vinyl, timber, and a broad variety of natural and man-made materials.

That ever the type of tile they must be laid well. See Laying Tiles and Tiling Defects.