Why Do I Need a Warranty Inspection?

When you have a new home built or when you buy a new home from a builder or developer, the warranty against major structural defects applies for 6 years. However, for less significant non-structural defects the builder is only responsible for rectifying issues for 12 months after Practical Completion. Because of this, we recommend that before 12 months after Practical Completion and your Handover Inspection, you have a further Warranty Inspection undertaken to identify any non-structural defects, omissions or untradesmanlike work so the builder can rectify them. Typically, there will be a number of minor items for the builder to fix such as cracking to wall sheets and cornice resulting from frame shrinkage.

Basically, this is a repeat of the thoroughness of the Handover Inspection but most importantly, this is your last opportunity to get the builder to fix any less significant non-structural defects under your Home Insurance Warranty.