Does a Building and Pest Inspector Check For Chipped Bricks

The level of detail in our documentation will depend upon the type of inspection. For example, if our Inspector is conducting a Building and Pest Inspection on an older property, he may not note the chipped bricks unless they contribute to a structural defect, or conditions conducive to structural defects.

As our Inspector must judge the noteworthiness of each defect in context of a comparable property of similar age and condition, chipped bricks may not be considered significant enough to itemise. As you can appreciate, with older existing homes, it is most important that our inspectors document defects of highest priority or the list would go on ad infinitum.

However, the situation is very different for our Stage Inspections and Handovers of newly built homes where chipped bricks would definitely be assessed in accordance with the Standards & Tolerances Guide where noticeable surface cracks greater than 2 mm are considered a defect which require repair work if identified within 12 months from date of completion.