Do You Get On the Roof

We inspect as much of the roof as we safely can. However, as you can appreciate, we must be guided by Workplace Health & Safety laws, good practice and we all want the inspector to return safely to his family at the end of the day. So there may be situations where your inspector will not be able to safely get onto the roof.

For example, the roof may:

  • not be safe to access via a ladder
  • be damaged by being walked on
  • be too steep or slippery
  • be fragile and not support the inspector's weight
  • present an electrical hazard 

Should your inspector not be able to get onto the roof they can often partially inspect it from a ladder or from the ground. The method and limitations of roof inspection will be clearly communicated to you in your report. 

We understand you're concerned about the state of the property's roof and will make best endeavours to safely inspect it. If access is restricted, your inspector can also identify some roof problems from the roof void if accessible. 

In some cases, your inspector will have sufficient concerns about the conditions in the roof to recommend a further inspection using a cherry picker or other specialist safety equipment. Rest assured that this is not done as a matter of course due to the significant additional cost involved.

If you have any concerns about this aspect of your inspection please discuss them with us.