Do I Need a Building and Pest Inspection If I Buy Off the Plan?

When buying off a plan it is always wise to make your contract conditional upon a Building and Pest Inspection by an independent licensed professional.

Being a newly constructed property, we conduct a Handover Inspection to ensure that the Builder has completed all work to an recognised, satisfactory standard, itemising any untradesmanlike work, inappropriate materials, omissions, incomplete work, as well as any non-structural defects and structural issues (Please note: With strata title properties we cannot inspect common property).

And if you are purchasing the property before the Home Insurance Warranty expires, we would also strongly recommend a Warranty Inspection 12 months after the property's Practical Completion so that any non-structural defects can be rectified under warranty. (Please note that Home Warranty Insurance Scheme does not apply to high rise apartments over 3 storeys)