Can a Buyer and Building Inspector Be Present At the Same Time

Yes, you are most welcome to be at the inspection. However, years of experience have taught us that the best time to communicate with you is after you have read your report. This makes sure that all the relevant information is communicated to you fully before you make any decisions in relation to the property.Your Inspector has been instructed to encourage you to read the report and then to contact the ABIS office if you have any questions rather than to have an informal verbal report at the end of your inspection. This is to ensure that you do not make any decisions based solely on what our Inspector says to you either during or at the end of his inspection.

To ensure that he conducts the most thorough inspection on your behalf, it is important that your Inspector is not distracted from concentrating during the Inspection Process so please do not obstruct or interrupt him during the inspection. Also for safety reasons, children and pets need to be kept away from the Inspector while he is working.

If you are on site and a major or serious defect is identified, our Inspector will discuss it with you. Otherwise, the amount of information he needs to communicate may mean it's not practical for our Inspector to cover it all verbally on site with you. 

That's why we've designed our comprehensive report to be easy to read with lots of supporting photographs and we endeavour to get it to you same day turnaround. Once you have read your report, you are always welcome to contact our Inspector to address your concerns and questions. We  want to make sure that you fully understand your report and have all the information you need to make your property decisions.