Building & Pest Inspection FAQs

Frequently asked questions about building and pest inspections and the reports associated with such inspections.

What Do You Do When You Find Active Termites?

When our Inspectors find active termites they endeavour to identify the species of termite as differing species behave differently. They also endeavour to source the entry points to the house and document the extent and severity of damage to the property without disturbing the termites. Our Inspector will also document evidence of previous termite management. If you are the buyer, you can then decide whether to continue with your purchase, perhaps negotiating termite management and damage repair.

What Sort of Things Can Fail a Pest and Building Inspection?

This is probably the one area in life for which there is no "pass" or "fail".

A professional Pest and Building Inspection is an examination of the property's current condition, conducted according to Australian Standards. It is not an appraisal, which determines market value, nor a council inspection, which verifies compliance to local government legislation.

Why Do I Need a Warranty Inspection?

When you have a new home built or when you buy a new home from a builder or developer, the warranty against major structural defects applies for 6 years. However, for less significant non-structural defects the builder is only responsible for rectifying issues for 12 months after Practical Completion. Because of this, we recommend that before 12 months after Practical Completion and your Handover Inspection, you have a further Warranty Inspection undertaken to identify any non-structural defects, omissions or untradesmanlike work so the builder can rectify them.

What Happens During the Handover Inspection?

During the Handover Inspection we conduct a very comprehensive inspection detailing any untradesmanlike work, inappropriate materials, incomplete work, omissions, non-structural defects, and structural issues. We also complete a Timber Pest Inspection on your new property. This may seem unnecessary, but it is not uncommon for the termite management system to be compromised during the building process.

Do I Need a Building and Pest Inspection If I Buy Off the Plan?

When buying off a plan it is always wise to make your contract conditional upon a Building and Pest Inspection by an independent licensed professional.

Being a newly constructed property, we conduct a Handover Inspection to ensure that the Builder has completed all work to an recognised, satisfactory standard, itemising any untradesmanlike work, inappropriate materials, omissions, incomplete work, as well as any non-structural defects and structural issues (Please note: With strata title properties we cannot inspect common property).

Which Stage of Construction Should We Use a Building Inspector?

This is a commonly asked question. We recommend getting an inspection at each Stage of your home's construction. These are broken up into 6 Stages in total consisting of 4 Building Stage Inspections culminating in Handover at Practical Completion and followed up 12 months later by a Warranty Inspection. You can choose the entire package or select a few... the choice is yours!

Can I Be Present at the Inspection

You are always welcome to be at the inspection.

However, experience has taught us that the best way to communicate with our clients is after they have read their written report. This makes sure that all the relevant information is communicated to you fully before you make any decisions in relation to the property. Please do not make any decisions based solely on what the inspector says to you during, or at the end of the inspection.

Is the Roof Space Inspected?

We at ABIS inspect as much of the roof space or void as we safely can. We are of course guided by Workplace Health & Safety laws and good practice and consequently there will therefore be a number of situations when your inspector will not be ably to safely get into the roof space. 


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