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Windsor (4030)

Located 3 km from the Brisbane city centre, Windsor (4030)  is primarily a residential suburb characterised by traditional Queenslander style homes. However, more recently there has been an upsurge in construction of retail, commercial and high density development.

Land was sold in 1854 but development did not progress until construction of the Bowen Bridge in 1860 provided ready access to the area. A number of landmark homes were then built on large blocks of land. The local school was erected in 1865, relocated nearby in 1915 but then demolished to be redeveloped as a war memorial after World War I. In 1895 the council chambers building now home to the Historical Society, was erected. In 1904, Windsor was for,ed from an amalgamation of various surrounding suburbs. It was then consolidated with other shires in 1925 to become part of Brisbane, its town mayor become Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Prior to 1968, Windsor was access by regular tram services. Several tramway stations remain as museums. Now Windsor has regular rail services into Brisbane and surrounding suburbs as well as being intersected by a major tunnel and freeway system linking Brisbane to northern suburbs, the airport and the Sunshine Coast by a faster, more efficient motorway.

Windsor is also known for its community park and vegetable gardens with training facilities. However, this area was also badly affected by the major floods of 1974 which impacted Brisbane.

In 2011 about 6400 people were living in Windsor, their average age being 33 years. Most were born in Australia, England or New Zealand, although some 6% were from India Italy or Nepal. Apart from English, Italian and mandarin were also spoken at home.