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Wellington Point (4160)

In the Redlands area, 22km south-east of the Brisbane CBD, Wellington Point (4160) is a favourite destination with day trippers because of its village seaside atmosphere and access to Moreton Bay.  It is thought that timber getters Pamphlett, Finnegan and Parsons first passed through the area in 1823. Named by surveyors after the Duke of Wellington, the first settlers arrived after the land sales in 1864 and 1887 and although a rail line was built through Wellington Point in 1889, it was closed in 1960 until being re-opened again in 1988.

A Methodist church was established in 1888, as was a hotel. Whepstead Manor was built in1900. In 1897 a portion of Wellington Point was set aside as a recreational reserve. Day-trippers began to take fruit trains to the area in 1906 to sample its strawberries and visit its gardens and vineyards. By 1911 Brisbanites began to retire into the area and residential subdivision increased. By 1925, a kiosk was established at the point and in 1927 the iconic Moreton Bay Figs were planted.

Interestingly, drilling for oil was attempted in 1931 but was unsuccessful. In 1931 electricity was provided and the jetty was completed in 1937. During World War II the Point hosted a camp for US forces to conduct shooting and bombing practice. Post-war, in 1959 a chemist, doctor’s surgery, butcher, garage, and fish shop were set up and with the arrival of water in 1969, farmland began to be subdivided for residential development.

About 12,000 people live in Wellington Point, their average age being 39 years. About 86% were born in Australia, New Zealand and England, although a notable minority were from South Africa. Almost all residents spoke English only at home.