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Tingalpa (4173)

Tingalpa (4173) is situated 10 km on the Eastside of Brisbane's CBD and was characterised by its predominance of low set weatherboard post-war homes, although more recently, because of its proximity and ready access to the city, newer moderate density estates are building rapidly constructed. Whereas once, Tingalpa had been overlooked as a lower socioeconomic area, with a current influx of more affluent residents, its house prices have substantially increased. Settled in the late 1860s, its post office was built in 1867, its church was constructed in 1868 and the local hotel, now a landmark, in 1870. The primary school was opened in 1873.

Today, Tingalpa is characterised by a large number of parks and bushland which are integrated with various sporting and entertainment facilities including extensive bicycling paths. Situated at the confluence of major arterial roads linking it to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, Tingalpa is also well serviced by regular rail and bus to the city. It also has access to at least 4 large shopping centres incorporating major retailers and cinema complexes and was home to the first Masters Home Improvement Centre in Queensland.

As of 2011, 8,500 people called Tingalpa home, being of an average age of 35 years. Most were born in Australia, New Zealand or England, although a notable minority originated from the Philippines. Almost all spoke English as their primary language at home, although interestingly, Hindi was also spoken in a small number of homes.