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Stretton (4116)

Situated 17 km from Brisbane, Stretton (4116) was once part of Coopers Plains, designated by Governor Bowen in 1861 as a large agricultural reserve producing fruit, vegetables and poultry. Stratton has a mixed terrain of hilly land, forest parkland and wetlands. It was formally recognised as a suburb in 1972, being named for George Stretton an early settler in Browns Plains. Stratton is primarily home to affluent families, a large percentage of which are of Asian origin. Most of its homes are detached and modern with a large number being substantial and very expensive multi storey mansions. An enclave of Stretton is well known for its multi million dollar luxury homes on acreage featuring swimming pools and tennis courts. However, in its early days in 1922, it began with only a handful of modest houses. Stratton is home to various Christian outreach churches, several schools and small community shopping strips.

In 2011, about 4000 people lived in Stretton, their average age being 36 years. A significant percentage of residents were born overseas in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India such that languages other than English such as Mandarin, Vietnamese, Hindi, Cantonese, and Korean were spoken at home.