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Scarborough (4020)

Located 30 km from the Northside Brisbane’s CBD, Scarborough (4020) is a small suburb on the tip of the Redcliffe peninsula and was originally set-up as the launching point for the barge to Moreton Bay islands! although this was recently disbanded. As a harbour for a trawler fleet, Scarborough is known for its fresh seafood.

Its quaint village-feel with cafes and parks also makes it very popular as a day tripping destination for families. Because of its two extensive marinas and modern caravan park facilities, it is also popular with the yachting/boating fraternity and retirees caravanning the east coast of Queensland. Scarborough also hosts several large colleges including a technical training college.

In 2011, 8,000 people lived in Scarborough with an average age of 45 years, 8 years older than the national average. 87% were born in Australia, England, New Zealand or Scotland, with English spoken primarily at home.