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Salisbury (4107)

Located 11 km to Brisbane's south and adjoining Toohey Mountain forest, Salisbury (4107) was named after William Coote's residence. William was a prominent early resident of the area.

Initially rural until post World War II, it hosted munitions factories because of its remoteness. However, a tram line was extended into the area and operational from 1941 to 1969. The munitions factories were repurposed for aircraft engine overhaul in 1943 and the Salisbury Hotel was built. Major arterial roads were extended into the area and rapid residential development followed especially from the 1960s.

Currently, Salisbury is an established mix of residential and industrial including large trade training enterprises bordered by extensive parklands. Salisbury is also well served by community shopping centres, aged care and sporting facilities and has regular bus and train services to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Its housing tends to be detached, on a varied mix of the traditional and more modern on blocks of various sizes. However, Salisbury is undergoing an urban revival and upgrading as young families move into the area.

In 2011, about 6100 people lived in Salisbury, their average age is 34 years. Most were Anglo-Australian with the exception of those born in India or China. Although English was spoken primarily at home, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Arabic were second languages.