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Norman Park (4170)

On the Eastside about 4 km from Brisbane, Norman Park (4170) is thought to have been named in the 1890s after nearby Norman Creek and the Governor of Queensland, Henry Norman. It was first settled in 1853. Development was slow and almost arrested with the floods of 1893. Dairying and leather industries dominated.

Access to Norman Park was inconsistent. A steam tram service was introduced in 1912 but suspended in 1924, then reinstated in 1925 and suspended in 1926. Tramway remnant can still be seen today. Consequently, Norman Park remained rural and largely undeveloped until after World War II when rapid development took place because of the pressing need to construct public housing.

Now, Norman Park is easily accessed by extensive public rail, bus and cross- river ferry services, linking the suburb to Brisbane city, Cleveland, cark dale, and New Farm. Former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd is a past resident of Norman Park. Approximately 6,000 people live in Norman Park, their average age being 33 years. Residents were born primarily in Australia, New Zealand or England and mostly spoke English at home.

Jacarada in Norman Park