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Moorooka (4105)

Located 7 km south of Brisbane and adjacent Toohey Forest Park, Moorooka (4105) was originally established as a stop-over for travelling south from Brisbane and is currently a mix of residential, light industry, warehousing, and motor dealerships. Because it hosted manufacturing in World War II, and housing commission homes for returned servicemen post-war, its residents have tended to be working class. More recently, immigrants fleeing various conflicts around the world e.g. eAstern Europe, the Middle East and Africa has meant an influx of young families into the area, housed in affordable, low cost high density townhouse and unit developments.many of Moorooka's housing are detached traditional sturdy post-war homes which are either being renovated, extended or replaced by more modern unit developments as the suburb undergoes gentrification and urban revival.

To cater for its residents, Moorooka is  serviced by several schools and churches, community shopping centres and a shopping strip along its major arterial road, a regular bus service which began as a tram service in the 1930s until 1969 and regular commuter trains to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. In 2011,nearly 10000 people lived in Moorooka, their average age being 35 years. Although most residents were Anglo-Australian, a minority were born overseas in India, Vietnam or China and a minority spoke Vietnamese, Punjabi, Mandarin, Arabic, and Greek alongside English at home.