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Mansfield (4122)

Situated 11 km southeast of Brisbane, Mansfield (4122) was named in 1967 for Sir Alan Mansfield, the Queensland Governor but more recently has been referred to as the "Bible Belt" due to the predominance of Christian outreach churches and the influx of people who have settled to access these and their associated Christian schools and colleges. There are 3 schools, the first being opened in 1970.

In the past, the area was mainly farming land with dairy cattle and sheep, and small associated industry such as wool processing. A large quarry was also operational, excavating most of the sandstone used for the iconic landmark buildings around Brisbane. To this day, Mansfield has preserved small pockets of native bushland, some of which is reserve and some allocated for recreational use including walking tracks, barbecue areas and children's playgrounds.

Many of the original farms were subdivided for government subsidised housing estates. However, because of its proximity and accessibility to Brisbane more affluent, younger professional couples and families have been moving into the area and slowly upgrading the standard of housing such that Mansfield is undergoing a gentrification or urban renewal. Although primarily residential, Mansfield does have a small pocket of industrial estate in which Australia Post has a major delivery centre. Mansfield is well served by easy access to the Gateway Motorway and regular bus services to Brisbane.

In 2011, 8500 people lived in Mansfield, their average age being 38 years. Interestingly, Mansfield is very multicultural with residents originating from a broad range of countries in addition to Australia, including England, India, South Africa, China, and New Zealand such that second to English Cantonese,Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, and Greek were also spoken at home.