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Manly (4179)

Located 19 km east of Brisbane, Manly (4179) sits on Moreton Bay. Settlement occurred in 1860 when land was subdivided and available by auction. A rail was extended into the area in 1889 so that it became a popular seaside destination for day trippers. It has since become an affluent suburb with large upmarket beachside homes, with excellent regular access to Brisbane via rail and bus. In 1958 the boat harbour was constructed, dredged material being deposited ashore for recreational land. This boat harbour is now the largest in Australia,  home to an extensive marina, several boating clubs and a yachting squadron with floating berths, undercover boat storage facilities and maintenance yards. The Brisbane Coast Guard established in 1972 also maintains its base in Manly with a flotilla of boats providing around the clock emergency services.

In 2011 about 3,700 people lived in Manly, their average age being 42 years, significantly older than Brisbane residents. Most of the population were Anglo-Australian, having been born in England, New Zealand or Australia, and speaking only English at home.