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Lutwyche (4030)

5 km north of Brisbane's CBD, Lutwyche (4030) is intersected by a major road connecting Brisbane to outer northern suburbs and the Sunshine Coast. This is a focal point for shops, restaurants and a major shopping centre. Although primarily residential, there are also parklands, bikeways and a creek. The suburb was named after Queensland's first judge Alfred Lutwyche who, in 1864, bought the site that later became the Church of England built in 1866. He was later buried in the churchyard.

Until 1968, Lutwyche was a hub for tram services regularly to the city and various surrounding suburbs. Now it is well served by frequent bus services and major arterial roads with linking tunnels. In 2011 about 2800 people lived in Lutwyche, their average age is 33 years. Lutwyche is a multicultural suburb with only 71% born in Australia, New Zealand or England, and notably, 7% born in India, Italy or China. Only 75% spoke English only at home, with Italian and mandarin are also spoken in 5% of cases.